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Halonen Family Society launched a project for printing books of the genealogy material collected by Sinikka Sipola. She has started the research almost 30 years ago and lots of data has been entered to the database (almost 15.000 persons). See register description (in Finnish). Contact info. The books were published 12th of June 2015.

The history starts from Kustaa Juhonpoika Halonen (b. 1748 Paltamo, d. 22.01.1824 Utajärvi) and his wife, married 06.04.1776 in Paltamo, Riitta Iisakintytär Suorsa (b. 08.03.1756 Paltamo, d. 05.05.1827 Utajärvi).

They had children

  1. Juho Halonen (b. 26.01.1777 Paltamo, d. 11.03.1833 Utajärvi). Read more of  Juho’s family Lähtevänoja-Pyykkö (in Finnish). See family photos.
  2. Marketta Halonen (b. 05.08.1778 Paltamo, d. 28.08.1855 Utajärvi). Read more of  Marketta’s family Vainikainen-Pyykkö-Holappa (in Finnish).
  3. Valpuri Halonen (b. 03.11.1780 Paltamo, d. 16.07.1859 Utajärvi). Read more of  Valpuri’s family Tervo (in Finnish). See family photos.
  4. Iisakki Halonen (b. 12.04.1785 Paltamo, d. 24.09.1833 Utajärvi). Read more of  Iisakki’s family Lähtenvänoja (in Finnish). See family photos.
  5. Liisa Halonen (b. 20.01.1783 Paltamo, d. 1792 Utajärvi).
  6. Sofia Halonen (b. 1786 Paltamo, d. 0.09.1793 Utajärvi).
  7. Saara Halonen (b. 24.03.1788 Paltamo, d. 17.08.1833 Muhos). Read more of  Saara’s family Nykyri-Komula (in Finnish). See family photos.
  8. Anna Halonen (b. 25.02.1790 Utajärvi, d. 25.01.1834 Utajärvi). Read more of  Anna’s family Sormunen-Lähtevänoja-Kukkohovi (in Finnish). See family photos.
  9. Aaron Halonen (b. 16.04.1793 Utajärvi, d. 25.05.1858 Utajärvi). Read more of  Aaron’s family Pyykkö-Kolehmainen-Lotvonen (in Finnish). See family photos.
  10. Kustaa Halonen (b. 14.06.1795 Utajärvi, d. 28.09.1853 Utajärvi). Read more of  Kustaa’s family Kiviharju (in Finnish). See family photos.
  11. Sofia Halonen (b. 16.11.1798 Utajärvi, d. 12.03.1800 Utajärvi).

From Finland to USA

See photos from USA

Juho Kustaanpoika Aitta (b. 03.04.1898 Utajärvi, d. August 1971 Calumet, MI), Juho used name John Aitta in USA, spouse unknown, from branch Kustaa.

Eino Abraham Pekanpoika Hiltunen (b. 30.05.1889 Oulujoki, d. 28.5.1932 Los Angeles, CA), passport date 26.02.1909, used name Ed Nelson in USA, spouse Julia Leonard (b. 11.5.1902 Cincinnati, OH, d. 30.7.1945 Los Angeles, CA), from branch Anna.

Maria Pekantytär Huovinen (b. 11.07.1899 Kestilä, d. 06.1974 Carlsbad, NM), moved to Canada 15.02.1930, spouse Nikolai Raita (b. 23.07.1893, d. 10.1984 NM) – moved 1914 to Eveleth, MN, used name Nic Raita. From branch Kustaa.

Iisakki Kustaanpoika Kiviharju (also Mikkonen, b. 05.02.1870 Utajärvi, d. 12.11.1914 Cloquet, MN), passport date 22.03.1902 – his family remained in Finland, from branch Kustaa. Siblings

Kaisa Kustaantytär Kiviharju (also Mikkonen, b. 31.10.1867 Utajärvi, d. 01.08.1947 Thomson, MN) – spouse Alexander Juhonpoika Korpijärvi (b. 16.01.1860, d. 08.08.1930 Thomson, MN, surname later Korby, from branch Kustaa. Siblings

Liisa Kustaantytär Kiviharju (also Mikkonen, b. 24.09.1861 Utajärvi, d. 10.09.1931 Green Valley Twsp., MN) – spouse Henry Nikolai Erkinpoika Huovinen (b. 17.05.1867 Pohjois-Ii, d. 30.05.1945 Menagha, MN), surname later Hovin, from branch Kustaa. Siblings

Pekka Kustaanpoika Kiviharju (also Mikkonen and Vesala, b. 08.12.1854 Utajärvi, d. 02.03.1913 Floodwood, MN), passport date 1889 – his family remained in Finland, from branch Kustaa. Siblings

Eeva Eveliina Heikintytär Korva (also Lotvonen, b. 05.11.1893 Säräisniemi, declared deceased 14.12.1984 USA), passport date 27.12.1922, to Warren, OH. From branch Aaron. Siblings

Hilma Hedvig Heikintytär Korva (also Lotvonen, b. 30.11.1888 Säräisniemi, declared deceased 31.12.1979 USA), passport date 06.09.1911 to New York, NY, spouse Kilponen. From branch Aaron. Siblings

Mikko Aaronpoika Korva (also Lotvonen, b. 07.12.1876 Utajärvi), moved 28.1.1904 to Boston, MA, spouse Hilda Juhontytär Nuojua (b. 27.03.1880 Utajärvi, declared deceased 01.01.1975), passport date 10.9.1903, from branch Aaron.

Aukusti Hermanninpoika Koukkari (b. 16.12.1880 Säräisniemi, declared deceased 01.01.1975 USA), passport date 28.02.1906, to Hancock, MI, from branch Juho.

Kaisa Maria Heikintytär Kukkohovi (b. 10.08.1884 Muhos, d. 19.02.1957 USA), moved to USA 1932, Gilbert, MN, from branch Anna.

Juho Juhonpoika Kukkonen (b. 31.12.1877 Muhos, d. 19.09.1923 USA), passport date 24.06.1915, to South Range, MI – his family remained in Finland, from branch Anna.

Anna Regina Iisakintytär Kukkonen (b. 06.04.1884 Utajärvi, d. 10.4.1971 St Louis County, MN), passport date 30.05.1906, via Quebec Canada to USA, spouse Leo Ranta (b. 1886) children Tyko, Vuokko, Leo and Onerva, from branch Aaron. Siblings

Hilda Valpuri Iisakintytär Kukkonen (b. 21.05.1887 Utajärvi, declared deceased 01.01.1979), passport date 07.04.1910, to New York, NY. From branch Aaron. Siblings

Rode Amanda Iisakintytär Kukkonen (b. 26.05.1890 Utajärvi, d. 28.10.1967 Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN), passport date 22.10.1909), spouse 1. Oskar Anderson, daughter Minerva, spouse 2. Henry Rautio, from branch Aaron. Siblings

Urho Leonard Samuelinpoika Leiviskä (b. 30.11.1891 Oulujoki, declared deceased 20.12.1982), moved to USA, West Quincy, MA in 1909, from branch Juho.

Joonas Kaaperinpoika Lotvonen (b. 08.07.1886 Utajärvi, d. 31.07.1955 Detroit, MI), passport date 20.12.1906, used name Jonas Halonen in USA, spouse 1. Amanda Hyvönen (b. Kestilä, d. Detroit, MI), spouse 2. Maria, from branch Aaron.

Maria Sofia Matintytär Lungi (b. 12.03.1885 Oulu, d. ?), passport date 06.04.1904, to New York, NY, spouse Taskila, from branch Juho. Siblings

Heikki Matinpoika Lungi (b. 15.09.1882 Oulu, d. 1971 Astoria, OR), spouse Elin Johanna Karppinen (b. 15.10.1916 Oulu, d. 1969 Astoria, OR), passport 12.04.1911 and 1923, surname later Lunki, from branch Juho. Siblings

August Aleksander Matinpoika Lungi (b. 18.10.1889 Oulu, d. ?), passport date 09.12.1908 to New York, NY, from branch Juho. Siblings

Hanna Kristiina Matintytär Lungi (b. 07.02.1894 Oulu, d. 12.08.1975 Sacramento, CA), spouse Carl Elving, passport date 09.09.1912, to New York, NY, from branch Juho. Siblings

Heikki Nathanaelinpoika Lähtevänoja (b. 25.01.1886 Utajärvi, d. 05.08.1911 Greenland, MI), passport date 15.11.1906, his family remained in Finland, from branch Iisakki. Siblings

Mari Nathanaelintytär Lähtevänoja (b. 05.09.1879 Utajärvi, d. 1960 Houghton, MI), passport date 11.03.1902, spouse Jaakko Heikki Heikinpoika Tihinen (b. 14.07.1877 Kestilä, d. 1935 Houghton, MI), from branch Iisakki. Siblings

Kaisa Kustaantytär Mertaniemi (b. 22.11.1880 Muhos, d. 23.01.1911 Keasarge, MI), passport date 20.01.1900, spouse Gustaf (Juhana Kustaa) Kustaanpoika Hamina (also Ahmala, b. 15.06.1882 Revonlahti, d. 25.12.1929 Keasarge, MI), from branch Juho. Siblings

Liisa Kustaantytär Mertaniemi (b. 01.05.1876 Muhos, d. 01.06.1926 Drummond Islands, MI) passport date, 26.08.1899, spouse Jaakko Benjamininpoika Heikkinen (b. 27.02.1867 Muhos, d. 27.05.1939 Drummond Islands, MI), from branch Juho. Siblings

Juho Kustaa Kustaanpoika Mertaniemi (b. 05.11.1885 Muhos, d. 11.09.1905 Phoenix, AZ), passport date 28.01.1905, from branch Juho. Siblings

Anna Emilia Kustaantytär Pirilä (b. 04.07.1883 Utajärvi, d. 26.10.1950 Virginia, MN), passport date 22.06.1901, spouse Anders Victor Abrahaminpoika Nyquist (b. 29.04.1877 Alaveteli, d. 09.10.1931 Virginia, MN) – Ander’s parents Amanda Loviisa Aleksanterintytär Hastbacka and Abraham Abrahaminpoika Masabacka. From branch Valpuri. Siblings

Elvi Katariina Kustaantytär Pirilä (b. 30.11.1896 Utajärvi, d. 20.12.1965 Virginia, MN), passport date 17.11.1913, spouse Edward Oja (b. 07.10.1891, d. 20.03.1970 Virginia, MN), from branch Valpuri. Siblings

Heikki Kustaanpoika Pirilä (b. 29.12.1889 Utajärvi, d. 29.11.1959 Kinney, MN), passport date 22.08.1908, used name Henry G. Alto in USA, spouse Alma S (b. 14.07.1893 Veteli, d. 18.05.1969 Virginia, MN), from branch Valpuri. Siblings

Jenny ”Jenni” Serafiina Kustaantytär Pirilä (b. 18.03.1881 Utajärvi, d. 02.03.1973 Virginia, MN), passport date 11.03.1899, spouse Alfred Johnson (b. 1871 Kaustinen, d. before 1965), from branch Valpuri. Siblings

Juho Eemil Kustaanpoika Pirilä (b. 07.09.1878 Utajärvi, d. 15.10.1957 Duluth, MN), passport date 16.04.1903 Floodwood, MN, spouse Elisabet ”Liisa” Pekantytär Pelkonen (b. 03.02.1884 Oulu, d. 15.07.1967 Floodwood, MN), passport date 31.10.1905, to USA via Quebec, Canada), from branch Valpuri. Siblings

Margareeta ”Reeta” Kustaantytär Pirilä (b. 19.07.1887 Utajärvi, d. 10.04.1973 Virginia, MN), passport date 05.05.1905, spouse Pitkänen, from branch Valpuri. Siblings

Anna Riita ”Riitu” Kustaantytär Poikala (also Kiviharju, b. 12.05.1882 Utajärvi, d. 14.01.1960 Moose Lake, MN), passport date 26.05.1909, via Quebec Canada to USA, spouse 1. Heikki Heikinpoika Supperi, spouse 2. John Leonard Larson (b. 01.11.1882, d. 26.10.1962 Cromwell, MN). From branch Kustaa. Siblings

Pekka Kustaanpoika Poikala (also Kiviharju, b. 16.03.1880 Utajärvi, d. 01.03.1935 Duluth, MN), passport date 1901, used name Peter Sipola in USA, spouse Maria Juhontytär Mustonen (b. 07.04.1876 Utajärvi, d. 1953 Alexandria, VA), passport date 15.09.1904, from branch Kustaa. Siblings

Otto Kustaanpoika Sipola (also Kiviharju, b. 01.10.1891 Utajärvi, d. 07.05.1930 Spurr Twsp., MI), passport date 22.11.1913, spouse Aino Sofia Pekantytär Kukkoaho (b. 30.05.1891 Utajärvi, d. 28.04.1985 San Diego, CA), passport 15.07.1914 via Quebec Canada to USA, from branch Kustaa. Siblings

Pekka Konstantininpoika Portaankorva (b. 09.02.1882 Muhos), passport date 29.09.1900, to Calumet, MI, from branch Juho.

Hilma Juhontytär Väliaho (b. 08.01.1878 Muhos, d. 21.08.1900 Hancock, MI), passport date 11.03.1899, from branch Juho.

Sulo Esa Juhonpoika Yrttiaho (b. 28.07.1907 Kestilä, d. approx. 20.03.1970 Vancouver, BC, Canada), spouse Anna Huovinen (b. 15.10.1902 Kestilä, d. 13.06.1939 Canada), from branch Anna and Iisakki.